Growing up near the Alps, I initially received accordion lessons.

From 1980 onwards, I took church organ lessons as part of the youth development programme of the diocese of Augsburg. At the same time, I took piano lessons with the concert pianist Alexi Kozarov.

From 1991, I studied piano, harmony and composition under concert pianist Günter Kielwein.

Musical experiences as a pianist, keyboardist and composer:

from 1978 Rock band „Time“
from 1984 Pop/rock band „Chris Hitze & Band“
from 1986 Jazz-rock/Fusion band „Jazz Connection“
from 1987 Experimental music „Anscha“
from 1996 Spiritual & meditative music
from 2000 Various CD - productions in own recording studio.

Key musical experience as a listener at a concert in Crete.
- Awakened desire to immerse in what for me was a strange and fascinating world of sound.
- Purchase of a lyra in Crete 2 days after this wonderful concert.

2017 - 2020
Weekly lyra tuition in traditional Cretan music via Skype by ingenious teacher,
and laouto player Alexandros Aggelakis from Rethymnon.

2020 to date:
Compositions for this special instrument and expansion of the repertoire
for the lyra in the field of classical music and jazz.